Creation is not for Sale

Pastor Monica Willarreal of Salem Lutheran Church offered a statement of conviction that I chose to write down for further reflection at a later time. “Creation is not for sale.” We were part of an ecumenical group who gathered at Bethel United Methodist Church to learn about community organizing. A subject that both fascinates and […]

Community Organizing

I attended a gathering last night with persons from other churches and nonprofits to talk about community organizing. A persons with knowledge and experience led our discussion who traveled from Minneapolis and works for the Lutheran denomination in Chicago. I enjoy ecumenical groups. The more diverse the more I learn. This is a topic that […]

Leading Causes of Life

I began another book this morning as I prepare for our next worship series at Asbury titled The Leading Causes of Life. This series from Marcia McFee ( is based on a book by the same name. I stopped reading and began writing when I came across this quote from the book: “We have noticed that life […]

Taking it to the Streets

We will be preparing the sites for our orchard and gardens on Thursday and Friday, May 19-20 and on Saturday, May 21, 2016 volunteers from all over Michigan will come to Asbury and several other sites around Flint and Owosso to giveaway food and water, clean up trash and debris, landscape a few areas and […]