Café Open

by | Aug 12, 2016

Join others in our Café outside the worship center for conversation, beverages & treats before and after worship. Be considerate if you are in the break area while worship or our Sunday morning Bible Study is in session. The doors to the worship center should be closed if conversations may be heard by those worshipping. An usher can assist. If you are coming for our 10:30 am New Beginnings service we encourage you to come at 9:30 am to have time to join in on our discussion of this week’s scripture. You are welcome to take your beverage into our sanctuary. Please use a lid to help prevent spills. We utilize compostable cups, lids, stirrers and napkins. Please utilize the Eco-containers accordingly, separating TRASH from RECYCLE (paper, plastic water bottles, etc.) from COMPOSTABLE (cups, lids, stirrers, napkins carrying the appropriate label).
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