How Church Communities can Support Senior Members

by | Jun 4, 2023

Many houses of worship have been able to commute their traditional in-person services to live stream services, ensuring that members have access to the essentials of faith, love, and compassion during these difficult times. Still, in making this transition, many senior church members may feel left behind, and other members may begin to worry about their health and safety. That’s why it can be so helpful for church leaders to keep FAQ sheets like this one handy so that they can help those who need it most.

Q1: What options do we have to ensure our senior brothers and sisters are fed?
Nourishment is vital for health and wellness and churches can use these invaluable resources to help seniors get the food they need without risking a trip to the store:

Find Local Grocery Delivery Services

Produce Box Subscriptions

Help Seniors Find Food Assistance

Q2: How can we help our older generations avoid feeling isolated and alone?
Socializing at church can provide a different kind of nourishment for older adults, and thankfully there are safe ways to fill in the gaps left by online services.

7 Virtual Tools to Keep Seniors Connected

Does Medicare Cover Mental Health Services Like Therapy?

Q3: How can we support seniors who have experienced a loss?
There’s no question that older populations have been more impacted by coronavirus, and these resources can be so helpful for providing support to seniors who are grieving a loss.

Individual Support Through Pathways Counseling

Online Grief Support Groups

Help Them Facilitate a Downsize by Selling Their Home

Q4: How can we care for seniors who have been diagnosed with coronavirus?
Finding out that senior church members are suffering due to COVID-19 can be disheartening, even after the worst days of the pandemic, but there are also ways that communities can safely help these folks in need.

How to Care for Someone with COVID-19

Gift Ideas to Help Those in Isolation

Consider Giving Them a Meal Delivery Subscription

Church communities are so much like our families. It makes sense to want to honor and care for your golden members. With any hope, you will find the information and resources in this FAQ sheet helpful for assisting these senior family members during this unprecedented time of need.

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