Incarnation Celebration

by | Nov 29, 2020

This Christmas season promises to be quite unique, unless we ignore the CDC warnings and put the lives of others at risk. Which is not very loving.

So our worship team decided to create Christmas celebration gift kits for each household. Each celebration gift kit contains eight items along with a “What’s in the box?” explanation of the meaning of each of the eight items.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we celebrate the Christmas season for four weeks beginning right after Thanksgiving. This year, Christmas Eve falls toward the end of the fourth week.

There are two symbols for each week. One symbol is more personal. The second symbol points us toward the community. For example, in week one our theme is “Kings and presidents” as we compare and contrast Jesus as our only true King with human leaders who may exert power over us. We included a small bottle of oil and a nail as symbols for week one.

Oil has been used throughout history in a symbolic ritual that signifies a person who is recognized as created for special purpose. For example, oil was used to anoint kings as a symbol of their role. This is for your personal use so that each member of your household can be anointed for the special purposes that God had in mind at your birth.

The Lord is my light and my salvation; I will fear no one.
Psalm 27:1

We also included an antique box nail for week one. This nail symbolizes our working together to rebuild our community. We seldom use square nails any more in construction. We chose an antique replica as a reminder that we are a continuation of generations, each contributing to the building and rebuilding of our city. What will be our legacy?

Our celebration reaches it triumphant conclusion on Christmas Eve when each household lights the candle included in your celebration kit and places it in the white, luminary bag provided. The candle represents your personal light. Each of us is a light to the world. The luminary bag symbolizes our community. Together we are and even brighter light.

Be sure to sign-in online at 6:00 pm on Christmas Eve, December 24, when we will celebrate together with music. Be sure to light your candle, place it in the luminary bag, and put them where others can see your light. If its not raining, you can place it in your yard or driveway. You can also place it in your front window or on your porch.

We will conclude our Christmas Eve celebration by singing a couple verses of Silent Night together. A candlelight celebration wherever we find ourselves.

Signup for you Christmas Celebration Gift Kit online on our website, Please plan to pick up your kit at Asbury Church or the South Flint Soup Kitchen. You can signup a neighbor or family member as well and deliver their kit to them. Please, only one per household. We have limited supply so sign up right away.

We have a new button on the homepage of our websiteClick here to watch. This button takes you to a viewer to allow you to join live or watch later in the week. We will also be live on Facebook and our Youtube Channel.

Pastor Tommy

A Community in Love with God, Each Other, and our Neighbors.