Life groups questions & notes

by | Jan 22, 2023

God puts people right through their faith in Jesus Christ. God does this to all who believe in Christ, because there is no difference at all: everyone has sinned and is far away from God’s saving presence.
Romans 3:22-23

Questions for Life Groups

  1. Read Psalm 27 and Romans 3:21-26 — Many believe that salvation is entirely dependent on our faith that Jesus Christ is God — or does it? What do you believe? Reflect not only on these texts but consider everything else you believe from scripture, experienced in life and learned over the years. Describe what these texts means for you?
  2. Read this week’s articles titled A questioning faith and I have questions too. What questions do you have? What are some of the most basic beliefs that you hold onto about God? What evidence do you point to when someone questions why you believe what you do?
  3. How can the members of your group help you this week and on-going to help you to be more receptive to hearing and understanding the Word of God? Pray for each other to have the Holy Spirit bless you with more courage.
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