Life groups questions & notes

by | Jan 29, 2023

The Lord said to Abram, “Leave your country, your relatives, and your father’s home, and go to a land that I am going to show you.”
Genesis 12:1

Questions for Life Groups

  1. Read Genesis 12:1-5 and Genesis 18:20-33. Are these familiar stories? Can you relate to what happened to Abraham? Has God ever told you to leave and go somewhere else? Explain how it played out? Did you go? Why or why not?
  2. Read this week’s articles titled How do you go about making hard decisions? How do your beliefs about God affect how you make decisions? What role does prayer play in your big decisions? Share an example where you made a decision based on doing what you felt God wanted you to do? How did it work out? How did you determine if it was God’s will and not just your own? What big decisions are you facing? Ask God for clarity on what God’s wants for you and pay attention in case God answers.
  3. How can the members of your group help you this week and on-going to help you to be more receptive to hearing and understanding the Word of God? Pray for each other to have the Holy Spirit bless you with more courage.
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