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by | Feb 4, 2024

Our companion book for our new worship series is Jeremy Duncan’s review of the Book of Revelations, titled Upside-Down Apocalypse: Grounding revelation in the gospel of peace.

Amazon’s website describes his book this way:

The book of Revelation—which deals on a cosmic scale with good and evil, politics and empire, community and eternity—has intrigued and frustrated readers since it was written. How do we make sense of John’s prophetic vision of cosmic war in light the nonviolence Jesus embodies in the gospels? What does it mean to tell us about Jesus, our world, and the future of all things? As End Times conspiracy theories surge, it’s more important than ever that we read the final book of the Bible without distorting the true message of Jesus.

In Upside-Down Apocalypse, author Jeremy Duncan draws on biblical scholarship and nonviolent theology to guide readers through the book of Revelation, understanding the vision of John in the light of the Jesus we know through the Gospels—the full revelation of the Divine. Along the way, readers will discover what the writer imagines as he weaves this profound revelation of non-violent triumph and see with fresh eyes how the Prince of Peace turns violence on its head once and for all.

We have a limited number of copies Jeremy Duncan’s book. But copies are available through most book retailers and libraries.

Here is the schedule of chapters for our Revelations Series:

  Scripture Upside-Down Apocalypse
Feb 18 Revelation 1:9-18 Chapters Forward-2
Feb 25 Revelation 6:1-8 Chapter 3
Mar 3 Revelation 7:9-17 Chapters 4-5
Mar 10 Revelation 16:13-17 Chapter 6
Mar 17 Revelation 21:1-5 Chapters 7-8
Mar 24 Revelation 5:1-10 Chapters 9-10
Mar 31 John 20:1-18 Chapter 11

Our Book Club does not meet as a group. However, our weekly messages reference that week’s chapters. You can anticipate spoiler alerts unless you keep up with the pace. You can purchase your own copy or visit your local library.

You can contact our office with questions, by phone or simply type your question or enter a prayer request on our website’s homepage —

Pastor Tommy

Jeremy Duncan. Upside-Down Apocalypse:grounding revelation in the gospel of peace. Harrisonburg, VA: Herald Press, 2022.

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