Quail: Hungry

by | Mar 13, 2022

We’re blessed to have the Reverend Jeremy Peters of Court Street United Methodist Church offering our teaching for this Sunday. This article is a brief summary of the scripture that Pastor Jeremy plans to address and not necessarily a summary of the actual content. Be sure to join us in person or online for this special occasion. – Cyndi, Asbury Worship Leader

We read in the stories of found in the Book of Numbers how the Israelites grew tired of manna. Usually we read this story and say, “man, those whiny Israelites. Why can’t they be happy with the miraculous bread God gave them?”

Fortunately for all of us, God sees past our whining just as God did in this case. Instead of telling the Israelites to just be happy they’re eating at all, God gives them quail.

Where could I get enough meat for all these people? They keep whining and asking for meat. I can’t be responsible for all these people by myself; it’s too much for me!
Numbers 11:13-14

Let’s shift our perspective a bit.

I’ve always sort of felt like the Israelites have a point. Manna was pretty weird stiff, and it probably wasn’t fun eating the same thing day after day. I can remember taking a group of kids to work at a soup kitchen and they were shocked when one of the women complained about the food. “How can you complain about free food?”

But we all require more from food than cheap calories and full bellies. Food is part of the joy that God created us to experience. And everyone deserves a little variety and nutrition in their diet, whether they’ve paid for it or not.

And perhaps, God acknowledges this by sending quail, even if God does it in a passive aggressive sort of way. God hears the voice of the Israelites, and recognizes the validity of their complaint.

Do we hear the voices of our neighbors?

Feeding Flint is not a problem of enough. It’s a problem of available healthy options and equitable access. To learn how you can help address food insecurity in our community go to FeedFlint.org.

Pastor Jeremy

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