The Daniel Plan

The Daniel Plan

Why the Daniel plan is so important

I have never met Pastor Steve Willis. But there is something that he said that is haunting me. And I hope that it will haunt you too. Pastor Steve’s call to action is powerful, timely, and the shoe surely fits our community. We were poisoned by our public water...

Faith, Friends, Fitness, Food, and Focus

Coming December 29, 2019 What is your New Year’s Resolution? Are there any big changes that you hope that you have the resolve to undertake? If 2020 is like past years, the number of fitness club and gym memberships will spike during January. And, if the patterns of...

Gifts of the Dark Wood - The Gift of Uncertainty

1 Corinthians 13:11-12 (Uncertainty) and Matthew 14:22b-31a (Sinking)